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Reese & Holly – September 3, 2017 | Avanti Mansion Garden | Buffalo Wedding Photography

Holly & Reese are so much fun. Their sense of humor & ease combined with that of their friends made the day fly by! I had a blast.

Reese got ready at a friend’s house. Reese had quite a bit of trouble getting his bowtie on, so one of his groomsmen helped. Then they realized it was on upside down.

I was going to say “One quick picture before drinks” but who are we kidding – there was no “before drinks.” At least not while I was there!

I had never seen so much Bills memorabilia in one place in my life, LOL. The boys were sent Smirnoff Ice as a “gift” by the girls and were told “Snapchat or it didn’t happen.”

Holly got ready at the house she & Reese share. Her flower girl kept everyone entertained by hugging the dog, flipping light switches, and generally being a tiny ball of energy.

Their dog Ryder, who came with them to their engagement session, sneaked into the picture I took of Holly’s dress and although I took another shot after he was called back out of the room, I decided I liked it better with him in it.

Sometimes it’s fun to see the bridesmaids’ reactions if they weren’t in the room as the bride was getting dressed!

It poured. I mean POURED while Holly was in the house getting ready. She just calmly looked out the window. If she was freaking out inside, I didn’t see it. By the time we left to get in the limo the rain had stopped and the sky was clearing and it stayed beautiful the rest of the day!

The limo drove Holly & the girls up to Delaware Park to meet Reese & the guys. Reese & Holly planned to do a “first look” so they could do all of their wedding party pictures before the ceremony. I loved their huge smiles as they saw each other dressed to the nines!

Photogenic as everything. I’m telling you. It was so hard to narrow down the pictures for the blog because I love so many of them!

Once we finished up with the wedding party, everyone piled back into the limo to head down to Avanti Mansion. They got married in the garden venue, and it was lovely, as always.

Reese’s groomsmen got together for a “go team” of sorts before the ceremony got underway.

Holly’s brother walked her down the aisle, and for anyone who thinks that seeing each other and doing pictures before the ceremony “ruins” that moment where the bride comes down the aisle, check out Reese’s reaction (along with a reassuring shoulder squeeze from one of his best men).

There were a lot of toasts. To the new Mr. & Mrs. Rogone!

No worries on whether the best men were going to let the wedding party run out of booze.

I loved the back of Holly’s dress. The veil was gorgeous too, but I loved that she took it off for the reception so everyone could see the lace & buttons.

Reese’s uncle played & sang a song while Reese danced with his mom. I’m a strong believer that the world would be a better place with more harmonica.

The moon peeking out from behind the clouds over the tent was too cool to skip.

Everyone enjoyed the dance floor. A lot. I’m sure the party was still going long after I left!

I’m so glad everyone had such a great time – it was such a fun start to Reese & Holly’s new chapter as Mr. & Mrs.! Congrats!!!!

Officiant: YellowBird Wedding
Videographer: Monarch Productions

September 12, 2017 - 5:06 pm

Zach Barringer - Wendy did an amazing job!!! It takes a great deal of patience to be able to deal with this crew. Thanks for doing such a great job for Holly and Reese!

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