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Nathan & Monica – June 10, 2017 | Avanti Mansion Amore Ballroom | Buffalo Wedding Photography

Monica & Nate had an absolutely gorgeous June day for their beautiful wedding at Avanti Mansion’s Amore Ballroom.

Monica & Nate both got ready inside Buffalo’s Embassy Suites, Monica on the 6th floor, Nate on the 3rd. After Monica’s hair & makeup were done, she got dressed and had her dad come in for a “first look” before she headed downstairs to see Nate.

Monica’s dad held it in okay, but you can see the tears making his eyes sparkle.

Down in Nathan’s parents’ suite, all the guys were getting ready.

Nate & his friends wanted a “Flying V” picture in the hotel hallway – I did my best!

We arranged for them to do their “first look” on the landing of the big open staircase in the lobby of the Embassy Suites. The wedding party & their families waited downstairs while Nate & Monica took a few minutes to see each other for the first time as bride & groom! Loved Monica’s huge smile and the crinkle around his eyes as he smiled at her!

As they walked out to the limo, I grabbed this photo of Nate walking with his father-in-law-to-be.

Nate & Monica had a friend bring their dog, Boomer, for a few photos.

What a handsome boy.

The sun was hot & bright so we used the shade of the wraparound patio at Avanti Mansion’s Amore Ballroom for a bunch of the photos.

They had 9 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen, and also a ring bearer who unfortunately did not really want to be in this photo!

Monica & her girls retreated to the upstairs bridal suite as the guests started to arrive.

A friend played harp as people began to take their seats, and as accompaniment for the processional.

Even though Nate had already seen Monica at the hotel, and for an hour’s worth of pictures, he still got choked up as her dad walked her down the aisle.

His face as he took her hands… <3 <3 <3

If anyone’s curious about the camera, their officiant (a friend of theirs) agreed to take a photo of them as they kissed, from his perspective, showing their guests seated in the background.

These smiles. I can’t get enough.

Nate had Monica’s initials engraved inside his ring.

Guests heard toasts from the best man, the maid of honor, Nathan’s parents, Monica’s dad, and then Nate & Monica themselves. I love getting pictures of the groom fiddling with his new ring!

After the two of them shared their first dance together, the floor opened and guests joined in! I didn’t see anything too wild & crazy while I was there, but the bar was open for at least another hour after I left, so maybe they were just saving the good stuff for after the professional lenses were put away.

You guys have such a beautiful way of looking at each other, NEVER stop laughing together, and always remind everyone around you that teamwork makes the dream work!

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