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Lyle & Cara – September 6, 2009

Not long ago, I got the nod from Cara to shoot their Sunday evening wedding at the Historical Society. Apparently another photographer had fallen through the cracks and it left them with the unpleasant task of finding a photographer on short notice. Being a Sunday, I was free, and happily agreed to do it!

I arrived at Cara’s parents’ home in Clarence to find both Cara’s mom and Lyle’s mom getting their hair done, one of Cara’s nephews in his underpants, and an absolutely beautiful wedding dress! Her other nephew asked me if I made the dress. I thought for a moment about taking credit, but then told him that no, I was just there to take pictures.

After donning his tux, her nephew looked a bit more presentable:

We stepped out into the yard to do a few photos, and Cara mentioned it was the same place they’d always taken prom photos. I wasn’t sure if that was a bad thing or not, but it was a pretty spot.

After we did a few quick snaps in the yard, the groom’s sister and I drove over to the Historical Society. I was glad she was not from the area so she couldn’t laugh at me for my hesitation in choosing the quickest route… I’d never driven straight from Clarence to the 198 before!

What a beautiful site for a ceremony! I loved it.

After the ceremony was over and the receiving line ended, I snatched them for a few more photos. It’s not every day I let someone hold my 5D at arm’s length to take a self-portrait!

I had to include this photo of the maid of honor, who was just glowing!

Then it was on to dinner and dancing, and much merry making. Of course I had to include a photo of the prominently displayed Buffalo Bills banner… bummer.

I’m glad it worked out for me to shoot for you guys! I hope the karaoke was awesome and that you guys got some great photos/video from that!

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