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Cameron & Eric – May 27, 2017 | Marcy Casino in Delaware Park | Buffalo Wedding Photography

Last summer I met Cameron and Eric.  Cameron’s sister Meaghan married Kevin in a beautiful downtown wedding, and a month later, he emailed me to ask if I was available for his wedding. I was, and we very happily booked the date!

They got ready together at their apartment, just the two of them (and their cats). They confessed they’d been up late the night before learning how to tie bow ties!

“I’d love to get a picture with the cats,” Cameron said.  The cats were not terribly excited about it.

Lint rollers were a must, haha.

We made a quick stop at the Japanese Garden behind the Buffalo History Museum before heading over to the Rose Garden to meet the families.

An inside joke in Cameron’s family, this photo was a must-take.

Thankfully the path back to the stone bridge wasn’t as wet and muddy as I was afraid it might be, considering all the rain we’d had recently!

These pictures seem to be about an accurate representation of their personalities.

I loved the beautiful sweetheart table they had set up inside the Marcy Casino.

Eric’s younger sister Lauren made this card for them!

The ceremony was very short but it had all the right points – a reading by their moms, the rings, the kiss… and even a tear from Eric right at the end.

Doing all of the family pictures before the ceremony gave them time to enjoy the cocktail hour, and gave me plenty of time to photograph all of the details inside the dining room!

I loved that Cameron did “here comes the airplane” mouth when feeding Eric his cake!!

I know in 15ish years, this is going to be me with my son, if they still do mother-son dances at weddings!

Once the dancefloor opened, it didn’t stop – it was full of dancing feet and waving arms and grinding butts… a good time for everyone!

It was so much fun and I’m glad I met you guys at Meaghan & Kevin’s wedding and that you chose me for yours!  Much love and happiness to you, good luck on your move, and enjoy all that life has to offer!

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