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Nathan & Monica – June 10, 2017 | Avanti Mansion Amore Ballroom | Buffalo Wedding Photography

Monica & Nate had an absolutely gorgeous June day for their beautiful wedding at Avanti Mansion’s Amore Ballroom.

Monica & Nate both got ready inside Buffalo’s Embassy Suites, Monica on the 6th floor, Nate on the 3rd. After Monica’s hair & makeup were done, she got dressed and had her dad come in for a “first look” before she headed downstairs to see Nate.

Monica’s dad held it in okay, but you can see the tears making his eyes sparkle.

Down in Nathan’s parents’ suite, all the guys were getting ready.

Nate & his friends wanted a “Flying V” picture in the hotel hallway – I did my best!

We arranged for them to do their “first look” on the landing of the big open staircase in the lobby of the Embassy Suites. The wedding party & their families waited downstairs while Nate & Monica took a few minutes to see each other for the first time as bride & groom! Loved Monica’s huge smile and the crinkle around his eyes as he smiled at her!

As they walked out to the limo, I grabbed this photo of Nate walking with his father-in-law-to-be.

Nate & Monica had a friend bring their dog, Boomer, for a few photos.

What a handsome boy.

The sun was hot & bright so we used the shade of the wraparound patio at Avanti Mansion’s Amore Ballroom for a bunch of the photos.

They had 9 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen, and also a ring bearer who unfortunately did not really want to be in this photo!

Monica & her girls retreated to the upstairs bridal suite as the guests started to arrive.

A friend played harp as people began to take their seats, and as accompaniment for the processional.

Even though Nate had already seen Monica at the hotel, and for an hour’s worth of pictures, he still got choked up as her dad walked her down the aisle.

His face as he took her hands… <3 <3 <3

If anyone’s curious about the camera, their officiant (a friend of theirs) agreed to take a photo of them as they kissed, from his perspective, showing their guests seated in the background.

These smiles. I can’t get enough.

Nate had Monica’s initials engraved inside his ring.

Guests heard toasts from the best man, the maid of honor, Nathan’s parents, Monica’s dad, and then Nate & Monica themselves. I love getting pictures of the groom fiddling with his new ring!

After the two of them shared their first dance together, the floor opened and guests joined in! I didn’t see anything too wild & crazy while I was there, but the bar was open for at least another hour after I left, so maybe they were just saving the good stuff for after the professional lenses were put away.

You guys have such a beautiful way of looking at each other, NEVER stop laughing together, and always remind everyone around you that teamwork makes the dream work!

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Cameron & Eric – May 27, 2017 | Marcy Casino in Delaware Park | Buffalo Wedding Photography

Last summer I met Cameron and Eric.  Cameron’s sister Meaghan married Kevin in a beautiful downtown wedding, and a month later, he emailed me to ask if I was available for his wedding. I was, and we very happily booked the date!

They got ready together at their apartment, just the two of them (and their cats). They confessed they’d been up late the night before learning how to tie bow ties!

“I’d love to get a picture with the cats,” Cameron said.  The cats were not terribly excited about it.

Lint rollers were a must, haha.

We made a quick stop at the Japanese Garden behind the Buffalo History Museum before heading over to the Rose Garden to meet the families.

An inside joke in Cameron’s family, this photo was a must-take.

Thankfully the path back to the stone bridge wasn’t as wet and muddy as I was afraid it might be, considering all the rain we’d had recently!

These pictures seem to be about an accurate representation of their personalities.

I loved the beautiful sweetheart table they had set up inside the Marcy Casino.

Eric’s younger sister Lauren made this card for them!

The ceremony was very short but it had all the right points – a reading by their moms, the rings, the kiss… and even a tear from Eric right at the end.

Doing all of the family pictures before the ceremony gave them time to enjoy the cocktail hour, and gave me plenty of time to photograph all of the details inside the dining room!

I loved that Cameron did “here comes the airplane” mouth when feeding Eric his cake!!

I know in 15ish years, this is going to be me with my son, if they still do mother-son dances at weddings!

Once the dancefloor opened, it didn’t stop – it was full of dancing feet and waving arms and grinding butts… a good time for everyone!

It was so much fun and I’m glad I met you guys at Meaghan & Kevin’s wedding and that you chose me for yours!  Much love and happiness to you, good luck on your move, and enjoy all that life has to offer!

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Kevin & Jill – May 13, 2017 | Twentieth Century Club | Buffalo Wedding Photography

Kevin & Jill got married at Buffalo’s Twentieth Century Club over Mother’s Day weekend and it was gorgeous! They had a kind of effortless elegance, while still being a ton of fun to hang out with all day!

Everything was right there at the club – Jill & the girls getting ready, the ceremony, portraits, and the reception. Super simple!

They had to make a judgement call to move the ceremony indoors because of a threat of rain, but thankfully the Twentieth Century Club has a gorgeous room on the third floor that was just the right size!

After the ceremony, we gathered in the rear courtyard/garden for some portraits!

This wasn’t planned – he was just helping her down off the fountain after a photo op!

I love seeing a husband holding his new wife so tenderly during their first dance.

“Can we go outside?” Jill asked. “Do you do that?”  I said we could absolutely go outside and I grabbed my light stand.  We did a whole series but I think this one is my favorite!

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding, your doctorates, and this new chapter of your lives together!!!

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DJ & Nicole – April 29, 2017 | Foundry Suites | Buffalo Wedding Photography

DJ and Nicole got married at Foundry Suites in Buffalo over the weekend and it was beautiful – they have a love that’s easy to see from a mile away.

They each got ready in separate suites inside the hotel, which made things really easy for me! DJ & his guys are from Pittsburgh – shout out for Paw and Order dog training!

I popped upstairs where Nicole & the girls were finishing up getting their makeup, and got a couple shots with their matching robes before they all got dressed.

Nicole wanted a “first look” with her dad before she went out to see DJ and I’m so glad she did – it was adorable.

We went out into the courtyard where DJ was waiting, and they read some private vows to each other before we gathered the wedding party and headed over to Delaware Park.

They let me pick where we went in Delaware Park and I chose the Japanese Gardens behind the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society because I knew the trees would be in full flower – gorgeous!

I have no idea what this moment was but I had to include it. When Nicole laughs at something DJ says or does, her smile can light up a room. I mean I think it can anyway, but I love how they laugh with each other.

We headed back to Foundry Suites and grabbed a couple more pictures before retiring to the suite while waiting for all the guests to arrive.

Nicole requested this picture after seeing one similar – so nice to see three couples in love!

Their ceremony was short & sweet, presided over by the same pastor who has done several other weddings in DJ’s family!

Maybe not quite short enough for DJ, who was sweating profusely! Everyone got a good laugh at the repeated use of his pocket square!

Nicole’s mom Laurie tirelessly made all of the decorations for the ceremony & reception and I think she did a wonderful job!

They gave a very nice welcome and thank you to everyone for travelling to attend their wedding, and got the night underway with dancing right after dinner. I loved how they never stopped smiling for their entire first dance, which was a song played and sung live for them by a friend!

Congrats on your beautiful day and best wishes for many years of happiness, drawing on the strong examples of love and happiness in those around you!!!

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May 3, 2017 - 2:17 pm

Char goretti - Beautiful Pictures! Lovely wedding! Have a wonderful life together!

Alex & Astrid – January 28, 2017 | Tonawanda Castle | Buffalo Wedding Photography

Alex & Astrid got married at the Tonawanda Castle on a beautiful, snowy January day. They even braved the cold for a few minutes to get some portraits outside under the falling snowflakes!

It had been three and a half years since my last visit to Tonawanda Castle and it was great to be back! I love how much work they’ve put in to restoring & decorating the inside, and the white & navy color scheme was very elegant!

Astrid & the girls got ready on the third floor and her smile was beaming when she stepped out into the main room with her dress on.

Her mother, sister, and Alex’s sister helped her button her dress (there were buttons on the back and on both sleeves)!

She wore these cute, lacy flats and snowflake earrings to match her snowflake hair pins.

They opted for a “first look” before the ceremony so that we could take advantage of the afternoon light for portraits. It was pretty cold outside but Astrid put on some boots and we went out for four minutes (I checked the timestamps) with a blanket to get some pictures in the fresh snow before coming back inside to join the wedding party. We did NOT make them go outside. 😉

I had to take this one of Alex’s stepmother as she cuddled for warmth inside the sleeves of a sweater!

Alex’s brother in law played his guitar to welcome the guests and for the processional & recessional.

As they held hands during the ceremony, Alex’s thumb never stopped going back and forth over the top of Astrid’s hand. It was very sweet.

Speaking of sweet, watching Astrid’s father watch the first of his children to marry was a nice moment.

When the ceremony was over, they asked the parents of a friend to sign as witnesses to their marriage. I wish I’d heard what was said during this handshake!

Downstairs the dining room was all prepared for guest to enjoy the cocktail hour.

Astrid’s dad gave a toast thanking everyone for coming and giving a little history on the relationship – Alex actually met the family because he was in school with Astrid’s older brother Alexander when they were teenagers!

The dancefloor opened after a delicious meal and a great time was had by all, especially all the little ones!

It was a beautiful ceremony, a fun reception, and I hope it was just what you guys wanted! The drive home was a little iffy (thanks, lake effect snow!) but I made it and was glad to be your photographer!

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January 31, 2017 - 10:56 pm

Palmiro Campagna (Angelo's brother) - This is an excellent album with great photos.

February 1, 2017 - 11:12 am

Perlina Bertolo - Wonderful pictures, Wendy. It was nice getting to know you during dinner. You’ve beautifully captured precious memories for the bride and groom.

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